Why You Shouldn’t Find A Ghostwriting Job

ghostwritingOver my almost 7 years of being a web ghostwriter, I've had many people (family, friends, and otherwise) ask how they can find a freelancing or ghoswriting job. They want to know how they can get someone to hire them for a work at home job.

My advice is always to not find a ghostwriting or freelancing job. Or at least, don't restrict yourself to working with one company, going through a long interview process, and not being in control of your life.

It's time for you to start your own business as a writer. You should get to choose your clients and your projects. You should be the one who decides how much money you earn per project and per year.

Stop chasing freelancing job boards in the hopes of being the 1 in 1,000 (or worse) to get the “job.” You should never have to sit through a job interview again.

Picture this: You're an elite writer who never searches for clients. Instead, clients come to you and hope they can get a spot on your schedule. You don't like some of the jobs, so you turn them down. You're getting way too many requests, so you raise your prices. You are an excellent writer, so you don't take on jobs with tight deadlines. Instead, your clients are pleased to get top quality content in a timely manner without stress or problems. You earn a great income, you work when you want, your work is fulfulling, and life is good.

You aren't going to get that kind of life if you join a content company or find a “job.” What you need is a business. You need a business where you get to make your own rules.

So, don't ask how you can find a job or a company to hire you. Instead, ask how you can set up your writer's site, market your services, get your first clients, and grow your income from there. Ask how you can become a savvy marketer, offering premium writing services clients fall all over themselves to hire you for.

By the way, you can start your own writing business for $0. Sure, there are courses and products that can help you (including mine), but I got started with nothing but my own drive and determination and my writing business was successful right away. You're going to do that too.


For now, let this thought marinate in your mind. I'll be writing a series that can help you get started as a ghostwriter or freelance writer from home. Trust me– if I can do it, you can do it!